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Your 'Unfair' Advantage for Winning Bids and Tenders

What if you could increase that win rate to 75% or more?

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How many formal bids and tenders do you currently win? Probably less than 50% of the ones you pitch for.

What if you could increase that win rate to 75%, or more? How much extra revenue and profit would that mean for your business?

What if you had the skills and processes to attack larger tenders with confidence… what would that do for your revenue and bottom line?

Welcome to Winning Tenders

The tender support specialists with an enviable success rate and a track record of helping businesses win larger private and public sector contracts worth millions of pounds a year, more often.

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Winning is rarely about having the lowest price. Having an advantage (fair or otherwise) over your competition means mastering the bidding process and knowing what clients need to see and hear.

Give your business that advantage >>>

Watch our series of videos as they contain lots of golden nuggets of information in each and every one of them. Use the drop down menu “Are you Tender Ready?” above or alternatively, click on the links below:

Getting Started with the Tender Readiness Check
Bid Writers’ Decision: Bid or No bid?
Why do Businesses Fail to win Formal Tenders?
How To Find Contracts To Tender For
Proposal Writing – Compelling Sales Proposals
Showing Your Competitive Edge in a Tender
Shortlist Tender Presentation
Do you Really Want to Win Larger Contracts?
Retaining Business – Winning the Rebid
Tendering Tips for Winners

We’ve also created an eLearning course – How to Find Tender Opportunities for those of you who enjoy a more structured way of learning.

Then take the first step to putting your business in control of the tendering process…
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“You’ll be pleased to know that your 100% success rate is intact – we have been awarded the Vodafone contract!”

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