Bid & Business Strategy Training

If you sometimes win business through the tender process but not every contract you go for, or are about to embark upon winning contracts through the tender process, our unique Bid and Business Strategy Training is for you. 

Through our custom training, our trainers will impart their knowledge gained through years of experience in senior Sales and Procurement roles, with the primary aim of teaching you how to consistently win business using a strategic approach. They provide two separate viewpoints which will allow you to understand the objectives of both the Seller and Buyer within the context of a formal procurement process (both Public and Private Sector).

It is possible to win contracts through a tender process without having much of a strategy, but this won’t allow you to win on a regular basis. The approach that the real contract winners have is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) and doesn’t just apply to the bid process. The best bidders strategise over the pre-bid and contract delivery stages and align a common strategy to the three key stages of business capture: Pre-bid, Bid and Contract Delivery. Learn from the experts how this is done.

Our Approach

Our engaging and interactive Bid and Business Strategy Training will be designed for you and your team following a no-obligation initial consultation. We will completely tailor our expertise to ensure the project perfectly meets the needs of your business, whether that be a day’s training or ongoing strategy development and assessment.

From early engagement with the Buyer, through to contract delivery, this training will cover whatever you and your team need to win more business, and is likely to include:

  • Strategy
  • Business Development
  • The Bid Process
  • Contract Delivery
Our tips, techniques and tools are designed to be easily adopted by your team, resulting in a huge return on investment.

Meet the Trainers

Custom Bid Training Winning Tenders

Karl Wellstead

Karl is an experienced Senior Sales Professional with 25+ years’ ‘Big-Ticket’ Experience, working in both SME and corporate organisations selling broad technical solutions across public and private sectors. Karl project managed and led teams to deliver an extensive range of high-profile, complex, national and international, game-changing bids through to completion and award.

Custom Bid Training Winning Tenders

Phil Norman

Phil, the MD of Winning Tenders, has 10 years’ experience delivering public procurement projects for high-profile public sector organisations. After seeing first-hand that some companies were missing out on great opportunities because of their approach, Phil set up a Bid Management company in 2013 to practically apply his unique insight and knowledge. Since then, he has helped clients win over £1b of contracts.

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“Many thanks for enabling my attendance on the Bid Workshop and to Phil and Karl for a truly constructive day - lots of takeaways!”
(Hannah Kent Collis, Director, Watermark Consultancy)
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“Attending the workshop, run by Phil Norman and Karl Wellstead stopped me in my tracks and caused me to reconsider my attitude towards public sector tenders. I came away feeling like I had been given a super power.”
(David Marks, Founder, Gosport Community Cinema)
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"I took a new confidence from the course in my own ability to celebrate all of the amazing things we already do at Yellowday Training, plus lots of ideas for ways to engage with the community and use visuals and technology to enhance our proposals."
(Emily Cole, Learning and Development Manager, Yellowday Training)
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"Arguably one of the best, if not the best training session I have attended. I managed to glean something from every element."
(Jim Douglas, Lead Planning and Operations Co-ordinator, South Hampshire College Group)
Custom Bid Training Winning Tenders
Custom Bid Training Winning Tenders

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