Client: JR Pat Testing

Industry: Electrical Testing

Who are JR PAT Testing? 

JR PAT Testing are a nationwide Portable Appliance Testing company who carry out PAT Testing work in schools, colleges, offices, on site for construction companies, in retail businesses, care homes, NHS Trust hospitals, medical and dental practices and indeed any environment requiring Portable Electrical Appliance testing. 

The Challenge

JR PAT Testing was set up as a one man band and five years ago their owner decided to start expanding his business and pursue his first big public sector tender opportunity. He didn’t have the expertise to write the bid himself and with his vision of winning many more tenders and becoming a national business, he knew he would need a good tender writing company. 

Why they chose Winning Tenders?

The owner of JR PAT Testing originally contacted Winning Tenders’ founder, who he had met at a networking event. He was impressed with his empathy and having met two other bid writers, who had failed to impress him, knew that Winning Tenders were the right people for the job. He has never looked back and since then Winning Tenders have written and won many more important public sector bids for him. 

The Solution

JR PAT Testing have built up a strong working relationship with Winning Tenders’ Head of Bid Management, who has got to know them very well over the years. This long-term relationship has allowed Winning Tenders to ensure that all the contract opportunities which they now regularly send to JR PAT Testing are exactly right for their business. 

All the tenders which Winning Tenders have won for JR PAT Testing – and there have been many – have been significant and resulted in huge growth for the business. Suffolk NHS recently commented that the bid which Winning Tenders wrote was “the best they had ever had”. The quality of the bid was so high that they scored it at 100%. 

Most recently, Winning Tenders have won Bradford NHS Trust, Durham New College, Milton Keynes University, West Suffolk NHS Trust and LB Merton tenders for them and are working on a framework analysis to identify further suitable frameworks for them to get onto.

The Result 

The contracts which Winning Tenders have won for JR PAT Testing have been integral to the growth of the business, which now employs 8 operations staff and 40 engineers. Their owner’s vision is now to grow his business into to the biggest and best in the country and, with the help of Winning Tenders, aims to be on every framework in the country. Alongside this, he is setting up a social enterprise platform which aims to help young people get a better start in life.

“When someone builds up such an extensive library of tenders and has such a huge amount of knowledge of your business, there is no way in the world you would go elsewhere. Winning Tenders have been flexible with their pricing and we have a very good working relationship.” John Ross, Owner, JR PAT Testing

“Suffolk NHS recently commented that the bid which Winning Tenders wrote for us was ‘the best they had ever had.’ The quality of the bid was so high that they scored it at 100%. You can’t really get much better than that!”

John Ross, Owner,
JR PAT Testing

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