Why We Created Our Government Tenders eBook

At first glance, public sector bidding can seem complicated. While many business owners know that Government contracts provide great opportunities, we have found they are often put off from starting due to a belief that bidding is difficult and complex.

At Winning Tenders, our aim is to support small businesses in achieving their full potential through public sector tendering and we decided to create something to help them get started. Our eBook aims to answer your questions surrounding public sector bids with the following goals in mind:

To Clarify the Bidding Process

One of the primary motivations driving the creation of our eBook is to make the public sector bidding process more accessible. Drawing on years of experience as a qualified public procurement professional with extensive involvement in setting up NHS and other government tenders, our MD has always ensured that we place great emphasis on providing clarity and insight into a topic that can seem confusing at first.

Through our eBook, we help businesses get started, showing them how to navigate the intricacies of bidding strategically and effectively.

To Empower SMEs

Contrary to popular belief, winning public sector tenders is not just for large corporations. Our eBook is targeted specifically to SMEs, as we know how daunting the bidding process can be for them in particular. 

We want SMEs to know that they can compete and triumph in this arena, provided they approach bidding with the right mindset and strategies. By sharing proven techniques and success stories of small businesses securing lucrative contracts, we aim to empower companies of all sizes to seize opportunities in the public sector.

Winning one sizeable contract can make such a difference to the success of your business and this is especially the case for SMEs. 

To Guide Companies Towards Long-Term Success

Winning a single bid is commendable, but sustainable success in the public sector requires a more strategic approach. Our eBook goes beyond bid-winning tactics as it advocates for a long-term perspective, emphasising the importance of building relationships, reputation and credibility over time. By following the principles outlined in our eBook, companies can lay the groundwork for a reliable revenue stream through public sector contracts.

In essence, our eBook serves as a comprehensive guide that offers practical advice, actionable strategies and invaluable insights from years of first hand experience. Whether you’re a novice in the realm of public sector bidding or seeking to refine your existing approach, our eBook is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

At Winning Tenders, we are committed to helping companies transform their bidding techniques, challenge conventional approaches and unlock the vast potential of the public sector contract landscape.  For further assistance or tailored bid writing services, reach out to our team who will be ready to support you on your path to bidding success.

When you download our eBook you can sign up for a 30 minute free*, no obligation online consultation with our Managing Director (*normally worth £150) to discuss any specific issues your business is facing with public sector tendering, how to get started, where to find the best contracts – anything you need to ask to help you start winning tenders.

If you think you might need some extra help to get your business to where it needs to be, bid-wise, email Winning Tenders at info@winningtenders.com or call us at 01392 247997, as we offer bespoke solutions for any size of business.

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"Winning Tenders has enabled DSSL Group to capture revenue and contracts that would have passed us by and enabled our teams to focus on serving our existing customers whilst still achieving new contract growth."
(Aaron Stephens, Group Managing Director, DSSL Group)
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“You’ll be pleased to know that your 100% success rate is intact – we have been awarded the Vodafone contract!”
(James Freeman, CEO Reading Transport Ltd)
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"Not only did Winning Tenders help us win a multi-year contract with a local authority, but Patrick's guidance and expertise has proved invaluable to the company at a time where it is looking to grow and expand into more public sector work. 100% recommend them to anyone needing assistance with tenders".
(Harri, Devon Cleaning South Hams)
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“Over the past 3 or 4 years, with the support of Winning Tenders, we have continued to gain access to new markets and revenue streams - especially in the public sector and despite the uncertainty caused by Covid".
(David Beddy, FMS Interiors)
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“Winning Tenders have enabled us to secure significant new business whilst retaining and extending existing contracts. Over the past 12 months, these contracts have been worth in excess of £3.5 million - an ROI of at least £55:1.”
(Luke Evershed, Sales Director, Blueleaf)
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“Our allocated bid writer’s professionalism and courtesy, along with her writing quality, was spot on. We were really pleased with the quality of the bid and would certainly recommend working with Winning Tenders to our SME community!”
(Rachel Rice, Managing Director, Veho Solutions)
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“Working with Winning Tenders has had a really positive impact on our expansion and geographical reach. The revenue growth they have helped us with has seen us move from our initial location…to the very large warehouse which we now have.”
(Martin Jenkins, Sales and Marketing Director, Chapple and Jenkins)
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“Winning Tenders are lifesavers and fantastic – we love you”
(Head of Client Development, Executive Search client)
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"Winning Tenders have been great. Their bid writer was super - and worked to such a tight deadline. He was very patient despite having a lot of content to deal with and organise. He queried and questioned well, was very adaptable, flexible and understanding and got the bid in with time to spare. It was a good collaborative relationship, which evolved, and they took on board comments which were well incorporated into responses. Ed was great - great questioning"
(Laura Manning, Processes Manager, Stannp)
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"I’m always highly satisfied with the professionalism of Winning Tenders. The NHS were "“bowled over” by the quality of a recent tender which Winning Tenders wrote. Ed is the nicest and most diligent person I’ve come across in business. I wouldn't go with anyone else.”
(John Ross, Owner, JR Pat Testing)
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